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windows - Shared folder not connecting over Mac VirtualBox guest - Super User

I gave it "Drive F". You can add as many drives and folders as you want following the same steps. At the end you will asked for "continue any way" question twise. I'm very new to this VM thing, and was struggling a bit as well in trying to get this shared drive working. Host OS: Windows 8.

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One important step I found missing or not emphasised in the steps above is the installation of VirtualBox Extension Pack. It's the prerequisite for shared drives to work. I'm confused with step 7. Cannot be done. The only thing that the OS will allow is an Alias. Finally, the "really, really, simplistic approach" to permissions is neither ignorant or dangerous.

What is dangerous is for an inexperienced user to go to the terminal and issue commands that they are not totally familiar with! Remember the Mac was created as the computer for "The Rest of Us". Simplicity is what the idea of the Mac is about.

Extremely Poor Perfomance w/ Shared Folders - Mac OSX 10.6 Host/Windows 7 Pro 32-bit Guest

Yeah you can be a wonk and and use the terminal for every thing but there are simple fixes that are just as effective, legal and non-threatening to your Mac yourself or your data. I have not advocated that anyone tampers with the operations of any apps such as DropBox just the ability to access folders and directories on the drive.

If you are familiar with the Mac OS you will know that you cannot change Permissions on essential directories. Believe what you want I have worked on Macs since the 1st MacPlus came off the line. I know the OS and the Mac intimately and love it and protect it. I might get booted from this group for saying this but your intimation that I am trying to teach people to destroy or damage their Macs is way out of line. Yeah, I have the right to destroy my Mac.

But I will never advocate such narrow minded approach to Mac operations as you advocate Nothing that I have suggested will hurt anyones Mac or setup! You will find that I am supported. I am done with this issue. If people want me to leaven this group please post a reply as such and I will delete myself immediately. I have no desire to alienate or offend or mis-inform anyone. If I have done sop please forgive me I'd hate to do an analysis of the logs for 1 or 2 people only.

In the forums there are a lot more lurking users who can collectively benefit from the analysis.

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Not to mention people that use the search engines JohnGregory I'm not going to go into any further analysis, I've given you general system behavior guidelines, you've replied with examples of badly written specific application. You can believe what ever you want, just don't spread it around, or be ready to be corrected.

Then tell me if VirtualBox is going to run or not, and if it's not going to take a trip to the forums to have someone solve it for you! You still think about an era where there were no permissions, no ACLs, one user, no security.

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  • You had complete reign over your computer. Things have changed. You should try and educate yourself. The points that you bring up were valid once upon a time, for OS System 6 and 7.

    Establish shared folders between VirtualBox and host system

    Actually not even, there were no permissions then, except the "Locked" one. Not for OSX I'm afraid. It's a completely different, Unix-based model If you attempt to edit a file, using notepad, it seems to save. When accessing that file system via IIS, an error indicates that the web. The Shared Folders are not read-only, it's the applications that want to access files on a Shared Folders have a different set of requirements.

    Mac OSX to Windows 7 - VirtualBox Shared Folders Tutorial

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