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Thus, you will consume charge cycles even if your MacBook is mostly plugged in, with only the occasional hour or two on battery power. Read: Which Mac laptop? This is just how MacBook batteries work. Storing a MacBook fully charged for a prolonged length of time without use can permanently reduce the overall charging capacity. Storing a MacBook fully discharged can lead to what Apple calls a deep discharge state , which might make it impossible to charge the battery in future.

This returns hardware settings to default values and causes your MacBook to re-evaluate the battery from scratch. This removes the risk of an incorrect status. Apple offers a battery replacement service for most recent models of MacBook, and prices are reasonable, but replacement batteries are available from a number of third-parties if you fancy saving money by doing it yourself. Be sure to buy only a genuine Apple part because faulty batteries can explode or catch fire. Sadly, the most faithful indicator of quality is price and genuine parts are usually the most expensive.

For example the early Intel MacBooks, such as the white or black range, featured batteries that could be replaced by simply turning a clearly-marked screw on the bottom of the unit usually a coin can be used for this purpose , or by releasing catches.

Doing so is still possible although involves removing the bottom panel of the MacBook, then unscrewing the battery fixings and detaching a cable from the motherboard. The popular iFixIt site not only provides free battery replacement guides for most models of MacBook but also sells the necessary tools and parts.

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Additionally, with the 13 and 15in Retina-based MacBook Pro range as of Apple began gluing batteries into place, making it both difficult and dangerous to remove them because of the risk of puncturing or tearing, in which case the battery may explode or release noxious fumes. Read: Can I get a new battery for my MacBook?


Battery Draining with MacOS Mojave? 15 Battery Life Tips to Help

If, having run calibration and other tests, there is no improvement, there are in reality two to three options. Alternatively, you could try and fix the battery in your MacBook yourself. This is possible even on the post MacBook Airs not the models which have the unibody design where the battery is soldered on. And even better still it is arguably cheaper and faster than taking it to Apple.

SOLVED: Mac turns off with low battery - MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Early - iFixit

It is worth remembering that this option is only truly worth considering on older models that are out of warranty. The one-year Apple warranty includes replacement coverage for a defective battery and the company also runs a battery replacement service. You can extend the cover given to defective batteries by taking out AppleCare Protection when you buy your machine. Most unibody MacBooks are fairly similar with up to nineteen screws that need to be removed some of these will require the Y1 Tri-wing screwdriver.

You should take the lower case off the MacBook, then use the flat end of the spudger to remove the battery from the logic board, before replacing the old battery with the new model. Ensure the computer is switched off and MagSafe is disconnected. Note that Unibody models are those famously created from a single piece of aluminium, as opposed to those made from plastic or individual aluminium components. In the window that appears, click the More Information button. Not user replaceable without removing bottom panel of MacBook, removing battery connector, and unscrewing battery fixing.

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  5. Hi, I made SMC reset witout any positive resault. Step 2 I finished on sleep state. After 5 hour I connect power, after 4 hours I powered up my Mac. Is any chance to return it back to Good stste? Should I make calibration again, or buy new battery? What to do?

    Check Your Cycle Count

    I did the Calibration routine, and after the machine went to sleep I was unsure if I actually shut it down. I held the power button for some ten seconds or so. In any event the recalibration had no effect on the service warning alert. Found this article very helpful! Getting a new charger did it for me! Essentially, you just have to shut down the computer again once more. I followed the steps exactly, and when my computer turned back on it still had the warning.

    The new battery is not as good by any stretch of the imagination when compared with my MacBook.

    Of course the warranty is over, and no word from Apple. And thank you, my macbook pro from , started showing service battery out of blue and the cycle count was only and I tried SMC reset and it still did not work. I tried the second option of draining and recalibrating the battery, it still did not work. I even switched off, after it slept by itself. And waited for 6 hours, before plugging and rebooting. But the apple service advisor also suggested to go to repair and with 2 deadlines approaching and no other way to work on computer, it would not have been possible. Thank you once again, I find angels, when I need them : , I may not see them, may not know them, they come to help me.

    I first tried resetting the SMC and nothing changed. And it took to the second time for the recalibration before my battery went back to Good only cicles.

    Low/full battery alerts

    But is very important you turn off the computer after goes to sleep see the front light indicator. Good luck. I had an authorized apple dealer replace my battery within the last 3 years and I have the Service Battery warning. I have noticed that my battery drains very fast, so I am constantly having to leave it charged or plugged in. If I try the recalibration, like you, I am hoping that it will help to solve the the problem of it not draining so quickly, regardless if the warning goes away.

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    Third Party: Power Manager

    Oct 1, at pm. Oct 14, at am. At the least, the battery health condition should be normal. Stefan Renner steeevie. Hi Stefan, try also to run a calibration procedure. When i plug in the power cord the mac starts, but when i plug it off the mac is "alive" only for a few seconds Any update on this please Stefan? Have the same problem. When I plug in the charger it turn itself on. This works, the other battery had a failure Show 4 more comments. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Mario Barbareschi darkiaspis Rep: 25 1 1. So i left it plugged for some time and now it is properly working. Suggestion about which is the problem affecting my new battery?

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