Mac mini esxi pink screen

Code start: 0xc VMK uptime: It is the regular MacMini with an i7 4C 2. Booting from CD worked, however.

The Mac Mini VMware ESXi 5 Server – Part 3 (Follow Up)

PS2: on the earlies models we had the problem, that the Alt key wasn't recognized after powering on, when there is an USB hub between the keyboard and the Mac a KVM switch for example. That seems to be fixed now: whenever I press the Alt key at the powerup chime, I get the Apple "boot menu", even with our KVM switch in between. I tried with the original 2x2GiB memory modules.

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As expected, it made no difference: pink screen. I also tried to pre-install ESXi 5. It booted up, but gave me the very same pink screen.

VMware ESXi 5 home lab upgrade

That also was to be expected, but I wanted to make sure. If that will be the case, there is no hardware for the VMware Macintosh support any more. I smile about the fact, that VMware officially still only supports the Apple Xserve - a hardware, that's not produced since almost two years! So there's a great product - we have lots of customers using virtualized OsX - but no hardware to run it.

I just received my MacMini as well the same model as above and tried to install the hypervisor 5. Thanks for letting us know about this problem — in pink text no less! Apologies for the trouble There is obviously something about your new Apple hardware that we're not handling. I've filed an internal bug report so that our ESXi hardware folks will investigate the problem. Add a single space followed by:. I don't have access to the relevant hardware right away, so I haven't got the opportunity to test out the above I thought it would be worthwhile to pass the information along promptly and hope that someone could give it a try and see if that is all that's needed to get ESXi to boot on this hardware.

After adding and modifying the most recent tg3 drivers for the NIC I was able to get it up and running have to add in the PCI device ID, looking at the drivers source code there is support for the specific revision it just isn't included on the PCI device mapping tables. Thank you for trying that out for us all, saltmaster , and reporting back so quickly with your detailed findings! I have a three host cluster with a couple dozen VMs. Two of them are giving me CPU is not vompatible error on the Maps tab. Does anyone know what the problem is? Downloaded exsi5.

I need to solve this problem for regular virtual machines as well as virtual desktops. Before a virtual machine or virtual desktop is shutdown or destroyed, we need to run a bit of logic to 'release' product keys so they can be reused by a different virtual machine or virtual desktop. I need to detect this early enough so that the OS is still running sufficiently to release the product keys.

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  • The Mac Mini VMware ESXi 5 Server – Part 3 (Follow Up);
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For example, releasing keys requires a functional network and file system. I realize that we will not be notified when things like power or hardware failures happen.

Installing 10.6.8 on a 2011 Mac Mini

I'm just interested in being notified about 'normal' shutdowns. One approach that I believe might work is to register for shutdown notifications within the OS itself. However this will be very platform-specific and I'm hoping for a more portable solution. Running esxi 5. This is an esata raid enclosure running on a single sata channel, if I do that neat little unsupported trick of making it an RDM to guest machine, it runs at full speed.

Now I understand that it could easily be slower than running it as an RDM, but this is abysmal, also add to this that there are no vm's running on this host at this time. I know this is not a battery backed sata or sas raid controller, but it should be significantly above where it's at.

My home ESXi 5. Hypervisor on USB-flash, datastore on Adaptec After some electro-power problem Microserver is refuse to start and i choose to build new server on Microserver Gen8.

ESXi on an Apple Mac Mini Server Late 2012 6,2

I moved Adaptec and disks in new box, installed new ESXi 5. I tried to boot server from linux liveCD with vmfs-tools 0.

My team planning to do ESXi 5. We can boot the installer successfully but before it reach "Install or upgrade" screen, the screen suddenly changed to purple color and then distorted few square box on the screen. However the issue was resolved after the reboot of the ESXi host. Below is the details regarding to the PSOD. Attempted to enable interrupts from within an interrupt handler. I had a bare metal machine that we had Red Hat V5 installed on.

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We had an application license that the vendor assigned to the mac address. For various reasons we decided to make the bare metal machine an esxi5. The VM will hang on boot. This is not an issue when using the Windows-based vSphere client. Resolution The solution involves a simple seven step procedure that should take less than 5 minutes and is fairly simple to follow for even novice VMware users.

Step 1 From the virtual machine page, power off the virtual machine that is hanging on boot. Step 2 Right-click the virtual machine and select Edit Settings.

Then select the VM Options tab at the top. A new window will appear with a list of pre-existing parameters. Scroll down and look for an smc. If not, skip to Step 7.