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Companies don't buy digital platforms, they buy solutions. Ubuntu The latest long-term support of Ubuntu comes with a fresh new Linux kernel and hardware drivers. Next Windows update brings better Linux integration. The Windows 10 April Update boasts many improvements, not least of which is Windows Subsystem for Linux's new ability to let you access Linux files safely from Windows. Microsoft just made Windows 10 updates a little easier to understand.

Mac OS X Tiger: Due for extinction?

Microsoft once again changes definitions of Windows 10 updates, but it should make life simpler. Opera desktop browser gets a new look, dark theme gets darker. Opera shuffles around buttons in its forthcoming release with re-design inspired by photography.

Easy Numbering

Data integration issues still impede digital progress, survey shows. Survey says data integration is more of a struggle than ever. Standards to the rescue? GandCrab ransomware gang infects customers of remote IT support firms. At least managed service providers forgot to update a plugin back in and are now vulnerable to attacks. Employees do not mentally start their work year until Valentines Day.

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Even the most highly motivated employees report they are disengaged at work according to a new report. With developers currently dropping support in updates, Apple discontinuing patches, its days appear very numbered. But what does that mean to the Mac market? When you add all the reported Mac OS versions, Leopard 2.

That's still several million users. However, Tiger is increasingly being overlooked for updates.

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In February, the Mozilla development team said it would not support Tiger in the next major update of Firefox. The approximately 25 percent of our Mac OS X users still on Past data shows that we do not lose appreciable market share when we stop supporting a Mac OS X version. Number to an imported PDF file with a single pass. With Number Press, you can print scanned or exported image files and number at the same time -- in just minutes! There's no need to put it through the printer twice.

Just set up your settings, import the file, and your job will be done in no time!

Easy Numbering

Number Press can import these file types,. Export Directly to PDF. Your numbering jobs are now done in seconds rather than hours -- cleaner, faster, and leaner than ever before! Perfect for repeat jobs, you can re-import previously numbered PDFs -- saving time and money.

Quick Layout. Anyone who has used another numbering software can tell you that placing the numbers is a nightmare Just go into the Quick Layout, and click exactly where you'd like the numbers to appear -- up to of them! And, unlike other numbering programs, we actually SHOW you what number you've placed. You can also rotate any numbers you wish to whatever angle you'd like.

It's so cool and fast! Professional Bates Numbering. Export a 10, Page PDF in no time.

Even if your computer is five years old, the program can spool far faster than any high-speed laser printer can possibly print. Numbering Assistant just a click away. Other numbering programs require you to think hard about what you want, do math, and waste time with trial and error -- but not Number Press! Do you want to print raffles 5-up? Or 12, forms 8-up? Not a problem! All you need to do is open the Number Assistant, fill in a few fields, then click done -- all your numbering settings are automatically inputted!

Do you already have a spreadsheet or text file full of serial numbers or other variable data you want numbered? Number Press 8. Import your. Intelligent Checking.

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When you enter your numbering settings, the program automatically runs through them in the background and if they're not logical, the program will suggest more logical numbering settings. In addition to checking the numbering settings, the dimensions are checked when you type them, the text will temporarily turn red if you are inside the margins or off the edge of the paper.

You can now process thousands of checks and bank forms faster than ever before.