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Development of the new units was inspired by the development team's experiments with INI editing and combining existing units and weapons to create new ones. Zero Hour also contains three new campaigns of five missions each instead of seven in the last game, one for each side, with their chronological order being USA first, GLA second, and China last. Unlike the previous campaigns, which were noted by Command and Conquer fans for not having full motion video cinematic sequences during mission briefing, the Zero Hour campaigns return to that Command and Conquer tradition, each showing a live-action video of a news reporter of the respective side giving details about the situation behind the current mission.

The plot behind the Zero Hour campaigns picks up where it left off at the end of the previous campaigns. Thrax" who was the man behind the research factory in Russia and oil funding in Iran has been developing a more lethal variety of anthrax known as "Anthrax Gamma".

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When the USA locates his base of operations, they discover that he is planning to launch several missiles loaded with this toxin at major population centers within the USA itself. Thrax and the American victory, receives a boost in morale with the successful appointment of their new supreme commander, General Mohmar "Deathstrike", who escapes American pursuit. The GLA first attempts to reunite its splintered factions under Deathstrike's command, which it succeeds in doing after eliminating Prince Kassad's forces in Egypt, who betrayed the GLA and would not assist Deathstrike's forces, and then begins a fervent mission to drive the Americans out of Europe.

They successfully capture an American Particle Uplink Cannon before using it to destroy the USS Ronald Reagan cutting it in half from starboard to port, as shown in the game's cover and infiltrating the US West Coast to steal toxins from a chemical storage facility.

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In order to prevent the GLA from making use of advanced United States weapons, China launches a nuclear missile at the military base, destroying it. The GLA retaliates by mounting a massive assault against a nuclear reactor in mainland China, but the attack is repelled. After a series of Chinese victories, the nearly defeated GLA takes control of an evacuated USA military base and uses its weaponry against the Chinese.

China succeeds in recapturing this base, and finally completely drives the GLA out of Europe. Following the war, the Eurasian Unity League is established between China and the newly liberated Europe, the world looks forward to a new era of Chinese leadership while America adopts a policy of isolationism. The general selection screen in the Generals' Challenge. Each general has unique units and modifications to the standard arsenal. The United States of America Generals are:. General Townes : Townes' strategy is focused on using laser weaponry. His power plants cost less and generate more energy.

This general does not have access to the Paladin tank or the Tomahawk. It is also worth noting that his Laser crusaders require one point of power each. Strategies include building power plants and then laser defence turrets to destroy most forces that close in on his base. When attacking, use Comanches and infantry to support your laser tanks. His defenses are vulnerable to artillery like the nuke cannon, tomahawk and so on. General Malcolm "Ace" Granger : Granger's strategy is focused on more powerful aircraft.

His aircraft are a slightly cheaper and feature a laser defense system this includes all aircraft barring the Comanche.

One possible strategy is to attack the enemy's base with an onslaught of fully-upgraded King Raptors. However, his air forces are vulnerable to anti-air defenses. When countering this general be sure to build a large group of anti-air units and build anti-air defense to pinned down his flying machines from rushing their opponents. General Alexis Alexander : Alexander's strategy is focused on super weapons. Alexander can create a very stable economy and build up a large amount of special weapons and defensive structures quicker than most generals.

General Ta Hun Kwai : Kwai's general strategy is focused on the use of heavily armored, technologically superior tanks and vehicles. He is unable to build artillery units and must pay more to deploy aircraft and infantry. He has cheaper and more powerful tanks. Strategies involving reliance on heavy vehicle assaults and rapid troop movements are suited to General Kwai's forces. However, the overall lack of long-ranged support units leave Kwai's forces vulnerable to long range bombardment, against which his forces cannot effectively retaliate.

General Tsing Shi Tao : Tao's army is boosted by nuclear energy. His nuclear technology enables more output per power plant than that of other Chinese divisions. He also utilizes a nuclear arsenal via missile silos, tactical nuclear artillery, and nuclear bomb equipped MiG fighter jets and Helix helicopters.

His Overlord and Battlemaster Tanks fire shells that release nuclear radiation. In addition, their movement speed is much greater than that of standard Chinese tanks.

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Other than these additions, there are no significant changes, and Tao's forces play much like the mainstream Chinese Army. Learn More.

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Sign Up for Free. Discover More After Free Registration! The Alpha of RTS. Since then everything has expanded, added vids and some even 3d holography. The MMP universe is to some, more real than the flesh and blood of Earth. Like Sid Meyer, Westwood Studios had created a new direction and got it right the first time. Thank you geniuses. Aspyr Support acknowledges crashing problems under OS X Just wish this was not available for purchase if there was a known bug.

Excellent RTS. Before playing this game, Command and Conquer was merely the stuff of gaming legend to me.

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Sure, I'd heard of it, but I had never played it until the beginning of the week. I must say that it is awesome.

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I would like the ability to zoom out to view more of the map, like in Empire at War, but this is still great. The best features are: Diverse units Campaign story line is pretty good Zero Hour has pretty diverse missions Something that could be improved: Zoom range Something preventing necessary generals from being run-over by enemies. Aspyr Media, Inc. Do you want to learn more about Aspyr Media, Inc.?

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