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With so many different options to choose from, what renderer is the best one to use for your final render out of Cinema 4D? Some render engines are better for certain tasks.

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Below is a list of a few that we recommend and what their pros and cons are. The goal of this article is to help motion designers and 3D artists make an informed decision on what renderer they would most benefit from. What are the criteria? Glad you asked! All opinions assume you want to make photo-real animations in a production environment with little to no problems.

So each one is looked at through a production final-frame render lens. We have over 40 years of combined experience with 3D rendering. Our creative director Chad Ashley has tried most of these personally and has used many of them in production. Our goal is to give you the right information to help you make the right decision for you and your team. Check out some of our favorite Physical Tutorials. Arnold is the renderer of choice for many VFX studios working on feature films. Its quality and scalability make it a perfect solution for intensive projects. If you are an individual artist or a studio running lots of different sort of jobs volumes, particles, large data sets Arnold is the right choice for you.

Arnold coupled with render farm solutions out there such as Pixel Plow is a potent combination. Arnold and cloud rendering gives small studios and independent artists as much firepower as most large studios. Educational institution licenses are free. Try Arnold here. Buy Arnold here. Check out some of our favorite Arnold Tutorials.

cinema 4d r18 + r19 Vray 3.6 free download

I think Octane is perfect for an art-director that is designing frames or doing basic look dev. Do boards with Octane, then move to a production renderer to finish the job. Up to you, I guess. I should also add that Octane is a fine choice for those doing primarily exterior architecture renders.

Try Octane here. Buy Octane here.

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Check out some of our favorite Octane Tutorials. I find myself reaching for Redshift for things like product viz, non-photo real logo work, and shiny stuff in general. Check out some of our favorite Redshift Tutorials. Cycles Render by Mario Tran Phuc. Check out some of our favorite Cycles4D Tutorials.

We wrote an in-depth article over at Motionographer. Really interesting article. I use Octane because for me its speed is really important. Do you know why Octane has that much problems? Is Redshift fast like Octane? And do you think I have to change to Redshift? Hi Gabriel! First off, if Octane is doing what you need there is really no reason to switch. Good luck! Yeah now Octane is being useful to my work. But I think that the problems of Octane maybe can cost to me lots of time.

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I will show how is Redshift and maybe I will start to learn it. Yeah, Octane is buggy as hell, not sure if i saving time, because of restarting c4d. I love Arnold for stability, very handy when you can drop node into beauty channel to see what is in, but of course it is not gpu and not quick enough as Octane. Being able to send any node out to the Beauty has changed how I work. Thank god Redshift also has this feature.

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Please give me your feedback. I am really interested about your opinion. I get this question quite a bit. The C4D version is not. Though it has recently received a great update, this plugin still has a poor history of updates, inadequate documentation, and support. Again, this is my opinion based on 20 years of CG motion design production experience. However, I am not interested in that plugin unless it becomes developed directly by the Chaos Group. Sorry to disappoint you.

How to Uninstall Vray Bridge For C4D v1.2.6 Application/Software on Your Mac

To each their own. Mostly because my interest lies in production animation. As of right now, yes. Arnold has deeper support for X-Particles. I expect this to change in the next month or so. Redshift has the same old ugly interface like expresso. UI is a shame. Besides that is not very intuitive,maybe also because of the documentation lack. The c4d shaders are just partly compatible with Redshift. Agreed, the documentation is lacking. Mostly because they are changing so much of it right now.

Man, where are VRay and Corona in this comparsions? Just wish development for the C4D version would pick up a bit…. It is really stable and fast. The only problem is the support, Stefan Laub is a mess!!! I know a Stefan always paying attention for the needs of the vrayforc4d community. Even on weekends and in the late evening … And the forum community is very helpful, too. I was amused about the absence of Vray in this very helpful overview. OK, my needs are modest: a stable renderer for professional productions with very small time frames, support by the publisher, and by render farms, too.

The only way to achieve optimal result is knowing your system and all the tricks by persistend usage. Good article. I use octane and physical sometimes too. I miss volumetric light in octane. Voxel volumes are quite slow here.

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In physical render is it easy to make light volumetric and to create moving fog. In octane I do not know how to do it since now.

Since the announcement of R19 having ProRender. I have been excited for it, until I heard you guys saying that ProRender is not up to par with its competitors yet. I am currently building a new workstation and Octane has me locked into using Nvidia cards. Which are not bad, it would just be nice to have more options in terms of hardware.