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Can you suggest a solution? Worked beautifully for me! Using Snow Leopard OS Thanks for the install order! I had no clue. It would make my scanner run but not show any image before I did this. Just wanted to add another thank you! A friend gave me an old HP C and your directions have got it working like a charm! At the below website, scroll down to HP to ScanJet c, it uses niash driver. Select it, there is no configuration options for it. Just close the Preferences, enter the password. Select hp driver in sane preferences, than click settings for this driver and add following lines to the opened window:.

Your advice helped me a lot! Grateful for the help! Thank you for this helpful information. I can scan normally on the flatbed, but the XPA hangs up scanner light flashes repeatedly. I wondered if there are any updates here that would be helpful. Thank you! Thank you, thank you!! The thought of dumping my perfectly functional scanner sickened me. Thanks again!!

Dear All, Please help me. I have a scanjet c and I want to run it on my mac. I cannot get SANE to work. I have no idea what to do. Thank you, thank you! This entry made my day! I love you!

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I had my imac with tiger because i was afraid to never scan! But now i can haha! I m a new comers on Mac and happy to keep my old c working. Thank you very very very much!!! People like you really makes difference for the earth. Its important to point that this does not work for all hp models even if it is listed. Use niash back end.

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Start Image Capture, it will work now. I found an HP c scanner at a thrift store in good-as-new condition this weekend. This post is what pointed me in the right direction to get it to work with my new Mac Mini! Most excellent. Today I tried setting it up for the first time with my Leopard MacBook Pro and it worked beautifully. I stumbled initially in choosing the correct driver C not listed explicitly but it was not hard to find avision after a little reading around in this page.

Hi, a client loaned me an HP Scanjet My Mac OS Scanner still not found. USB and power cords are firmly plugged in. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you. My particular model of eMac being one that supports OS 9. Now I can connect to pretty much anything for a peripheral device made in the last 10 years with no problem.

Only drawbacks? I have to take 20 seconds to reboot into OS X after scanning, and retrieve the images from the XP partition — that, and using Windows… but other than those two issues, Simple. Now it does and my c is up and running. I did have to restart to get it to work. Hi, I downloaded everything in the order you mention but cannot see where the Configure and then OK button is I have to push.

Can you please help me. Hi, Thank you very much for help, my scanner HPC works very well now.

HP Scanjet Scanners - Mac OS X: How to Connect the Scanner and Install the Software

Thank you, it works great for my old ScanJet C! Sane is a bit slower than the original Windows driver, but it is much faster than launching Windows for it…. Which link?

I just tested the primary links at the beginning of the post and they appear to work. Thanks for this great page! You relieve all of us the rest of the globe population, or at least the ones that are able to find your developments and use them of the feeling that these greedy companies own us entirely and will suck us dry to our last drop of blood. You are blessed for preventing us from trashing them away just because of some intentional gap in copyrighted software.

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That is a serious green enterprise!!! I run the HP scanjet c there also, because there was no drivers for Mac. But then I so this page and whant to try it on the Mac native instead. Then I restart my Mac. Good I think, but then I see that the scanner was dead. Sad there is. Any answers?? On Mac OSX Mac OS X Installed all binarys mentioned above 2.

Opened system Preferences click Sane 3.

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Configure button did not highlight for me. Select Sane. I rebooted not sure if helped. Fantastic, now I can REuse my old scanner wich still works perfect, instead of it getting dumped somewehere by my ocal recycling companny. Keep up this good work and keep the faith and some day ppl will see the light …. I hope. Like others already pointed out, need to use niash driver in the SANE preferences in the Preferences. That finally made everything work. Using drivers downloaded from HP website, I was able to make it work. Something important!

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