Disk utility mac internal hard drive not showing up

Both of them will be referenced a lot. First we will check the basics, and from there we make sure that MacOS is set up to display external drives, can mount the drive, and that the drive has no errors on either the disk itself or its file structure.

How to access an external hard drive that's not showing up on Mac

As William Ockham once said, the simplest solution tends to be the best one. Considering that, let us check all the basics first. Get into the habit of doing this with any computer issues, as it can save time, money, and hassle in the long run. If Disk Utility failed to repair your external hard drive or other data disk, the above solution is not suitable.

Mount the Drive in Finder

In this case, you can do nothing but to reformat the disk. How can you format the target hard drive? Step 2: Select the target disk or drive, click Erase feature in the top menu. Note that this operation will destroy all the data stored on it. Step 3: Enter a name, choose a file system and a partition map. Finally, click Erase button. After completing the formatting, Disk Utility can't repair this disk issue on an external hard drive can be solved.

And there is another thing you should do, that is to restore the deleted data from the backups. Step 1: Select Enter Time Machine from the menu bar. Step 3: Use the timeline on the edge of the screen or onscreen up and down arrows to quickly find needed items.

Step 4: Select the needed items and click Restore button to finish the recovery.

Scenario 1: The internal hard drive can be recognized by Disk Utility

Try the above solutions now. When Disk Utility failed to repair disk, you may forget to back up the important files and directly format the target disk.

As a result, formatting will make you lose all the data. In this case, the key thing is to recover lost files from the formatted hard drive. Well then, is there any data recovery software help you to get files back? Just keep reading.

It is specialized in recovering deleted data from the internal hard drive, external hard drive, SD card, USB flash drives, memory sticks and other storage devices. In addition, it can restore data from formatted, damaged, or lost partition.

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And it is compatible with Mac OS X When "Disk Utility can't repair this disk error" appears if you forget to make a backup of your external hard drive or other data drives and format it, free download MiniTool Mac Data Recovery on your Mac. And then, begin the Mac hard drive recovery. Which one should be used here? After formatting the drive that Disk Utility failed to repair, we highly recommend using Damaged Partition Recovery. Note this is only applicable to the newest versions of Disk Utility for the latest versions of MacOS. Earlier versions of Disk Utility in earlier Mac OS X releases were more full featured and displayed extended disk data immediately.

Disk Utility on the Mac will still not show some other volumes and partitions even with his setting enabled, for example the Recovery partition and EFI partitions will not be displayed through Disk Utility on the Mac in modern versions and there is no longer a known Disk Utility Debug menu for advanced users to access either.

How to Scan a Drive for Errors on Your Mac

You can also mount and unmount drives from the Mac command line and explore many other powerful options for the command line diskutil tool. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. It would be a cool feature for file storage but instead iCloud Drive must suffice.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up on Mac – What to do

You do not have to do anything, this is the default view on Mojave. Why does it even warrant an article? Same applies to Catalina and probably going forward, as the interface for Disk Utility has been getting more simplified as time goes on. This information is NOT correct for Mojave.

How to Fix Hard Drive not Detected while installing macOS Sierra - Hackintosh -

I did a clean install just recently and upon completion, DU showed all volumes as the defaulted setting from this clean install. I have a new Mac with Mojave shipped preinstalled and by default they do not show all devices in Disk Utility. Perhaps it depends on the underlying hardware.

I have done clean installs of Mojave, and like prior versions of OSX, the default view is always to show all drives. I posted this once already but you chose to sensor it, lets see if you can accept you are wrong, and be professional and post this.