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Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, First annual report. London, Registrar General of England and Wales, Bertillon J. Classification of the causes of death abstract. Washington, DC, Bulletin of the Institute of International Statistics, , Roesle E. International list of causes of death. The Hague, International Statistical Institute, A provisional classification of diseases and injuries for use in compiling morbidity statistics.

Manual for coding.

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NEC not elsewhere classified. II09 II38 I Like other places in Quy Nhon, Hon Kho is blessed with a beautiful soft white sandy beach and clear blue waters.

Popular activities here are snorkelling to see the corals, swimming in the ocean, taking a relaxing walk on the boardwalk and capturing scenic photos or selfies. Exploring the rocky mountain and visiting the sandbar leading to the island is also worth a try. Visitors can go swimming or diving anywhere on the island with its calm sea, clean water and white sandy beach. Besides, one can try camping and having a BBQ with the freshest seafood right on the beach or go for a hike to explore the mountains. Ham Ho : Situated around 50km to the northwest of Quy Nhon, right below the Truong Son mountain range, this tourist area is famous for its charming and pristine landscapes along the beautiful Kut River.

Go for a boat ride or kayak on the river and discover giant granite stones in curious shapes and a majestic waterfall. Ham Ho also has many significant historical sites.

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Other activities visitors can try here include fishing, cave exploring and camping. Mui Vi Rong Dragon Fin Cape : From a distance, the pointed rocky cliffs reaching out to the ocean and shielding a small cave looks like the spiky head of a dragon, hence the name given to this place. This is a perfect place if visitors want to relax on the rocks and listen to the sounds of waves crashing on the rocks below.

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If you are a bit more daring, try jumping from rock to rock be careful though , exploring the wild cave and taking some amazing photos of this majestic landscape. The Champa were an indigenous people who settled from south-central Vietnam to Cambodia to the west. Quy Nhon used to be one of their ports between the 11th and 15th centuries, and so it is not a surprise that there is an impressive double tower Thap Doi situated in the heart of the town.

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  6. If you want to see more, head to Banh It, another Champa tower perched on a hill about 15 minutes away from the town. Once up the hill, visitors can see the tower and get a sweeping view of the coast, rice paddies and hills in the background. Finally, should you prefer the vibrant city life, just get on the plane and return to HCMC. Vietnams cities with the best economic momentum worldwide. Although momentum in the global economy appears to have peaked, there are still many cities in the world where both real estate and economic momentum continue to be robust.

    A common theme this year is that many of the top- performing cities have strong links to the technology and innovation sector. The technology sector is a key driver of both real estate and economic momentum and is propelled not only by the large dominant tech firms but also by a robust start-up culture. Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ho Chi Minh City, Shenzhen and Nairobi have all cultivated a thriving start-up culture which has helped to push them up the rankings.

    Momentum can have both positive and negative aspects. Cities that are growing quickly tend to punch above their weight in attracting capital, companies and people.

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    However, this can create challenges, particularly in the environmental and social impacts of this rapid growth. For example, Indian and Chinese cities are both facing severe environmental impacts but are taking divergent approaches to combat them. Additionally, large-scale infrastructure plans can play a large part in tackling problems such as congestion and improving the ow of people around a city. Placemaking: A people-centred approach to urban design typically has real estate projects at its core and helps to improve the urban fabric of the city and how people interact with it.

    Transparency: A transparent real estate market plays a key role in city competitiveness, not only as a facilitator of new investment and business activity but also in enabling sound long-term planning, enhancing community well-being and inclusiveness, and safeguarding the environment. Sustainability: Greener and smarter buildings are part of the solution to environmental challenges, while the densification of real estate contributes to carbon emission reduction goals.

    Both cities perform very well for socio-economic momentum with fast-growing populations and economies. Ho Chi Minh City is generally viewed as the more business-friendly destination attracting more overseas investment along with a higher corporate presence, whereas Hanoi has lagged commercially but is a city that is swiftly evolving. Manufacturing is one of the key sources of economic growth in Vietnam , driven in part by robust demand from China. Vietnam is o en seen as a lower-cost alternative to China, and FDI has grown on the back of this; while the escalation of the trade dispute between China and the U.

    Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are both pulling in expanding levels of investment from large multinational technology firms, including Microsoft, LG, Intel and most notably Samsung. As yet, Vietnam has a small real estate investment market struggling with issues such as low transparency and a limited volume of investment grade stock. However, headway is being made to improve transparency, such as enhancements in access to the land registry, better valuation practices and the increasing application of green building certification systems such as LOTUS and LEED. There is a noticeable lack of any U.

    Leading U. These medium-sized Sun Belt cities are attracting considerable inward migration, particularly from the younger age groups, and have experienced among the strongest growth in the digital economy in recent years.

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    European cities are similarly lacking from the top rankings, although there are a few notable exceptions that are experiencing significant real estate momentum:. As has been the case for several emerging Asian countries, Vietnam has followed an export-led growth model, combining trade liberalization and foreign direct investment promotion to spur exports.

    The standard of product quality, manufacturing, and employee rights guaranteed in these agreements will allow Vietnam to become a manufacturing hub and expand as an exporting base.

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    By situating manufacturing centers close to traditional hubs in China, manufacturers are able to reduce costs with limited interruption or delays to existing supply chains. In addition, many factories in Vietnam are foreign-owned with investments from China, Taiwan, and South Korea. This makes transitioning out of China into Vietnam smoother, making it easier to transfer existing checklists, specifications, or other product information. It has an approximately 3, km long coastline with around seaports.

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    In addition, Vietnam has an extensive railway network: the Kunming China — Hai Phong Vietnam is km long and remains important for cargo transportation. China is known to dominate the manufacturing industry but with wages rising, many businesses have already moved operations to maintain margins in low cost manufacturing.

    While Vietnam still needs to develop a skilled labor force, it has a young, dynamic workforce that is ready to fill the gap. Vietnam has a relatively stable government that provides strategic direction and decides on all major policy issues. It continues to prioritize infrastructure investment, and does not shy away from looking at countries outside ASEAN to fuel its growth.

    Thankfully for Vietnam, the trade war has created enough push factors to encourage manufacturing businesses to relocate. This has already caused a shift in global supply chain networks with countries such as Vietnam reaping benefits. Before sizing up Vietnam as a potential destination for relocation, foreign investors must do their due diligence and consider several factors, such as identifying a location, raw materials, sourcing partners, and supply chain logistics.

    It is further advisable to use a professional service with knowledge in the region to assist firms to plan out their manufacturing strategy. Vietnam is home to lots of paradise islands. Some are really well-known like Phu Quoc, Cat Ba, but others are still hidden gems that need discovering. For nature lovers, you have to visit one of these top 10 paradise islands at least once in your lifetime.

    Speaking of beautiful islands in Vietnam, people never forget to mention Phu Quoc. Coming here you will enjoy the fresh air, spacious peaceful atmosphere and cool breeze far from the hustles of daily life. The crystal- clear sea, white sand, beautiful sunshine and green coconut trees will always give you the greatest experiences. Especially, if you go from Saigon, the cost of the whole trip only reaches 2 million VND. Here, you can admire the full paradise beauty of Nam Du Island, discover new angles and capture the most stunning pictures of your KienGiang discovery voyage.

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    The island boats a pristine beauty with white sand beaches, surrounding mountains, which creates peaceful scenery. Here you will have the chance to get rid of the fatigue of work and the long way travel as well. In 3 recent years, when it comes to domestic tourism, Binh Ba Island has been a very hot name, not only for the landscape but also the culinary richness which has captivated the hearts of almost travelers.