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This setting applies not just to Pages, but also to documents in other applications such as TextEdit, Numbers, and Keynote. Zoom in or out on a document You might want to enlarge zoom in or reduce zoom out your overall view of a document. Choose an option: A percentage: The document enlarges or reduces to the specific percentage.

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Set the default zoom level By default, Pages documents open at percent, but you can change that setting. View Pages full screen You can expand the Pages window to fill the entire computer screen.

Do one of the following: Click the green button in the top-left corner of the Pages window. To see the Pages menu bar and other controls, move the pointer to the top of the screen.

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To return to regular view, do one of the following: Move the pointer to the top of the screen, then click the green button. Press the Esc Escape key on your keyboard.

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View pages side by side You can show two pages side by side as you work. Do any of the following to adjust the page view: Fit the pages in the document window: Click the Zoom pop-up menu and choose Fit Spread. To return to a one-page view, click the Zoom pop-up menu and choose One Page.

Open documents in tabs You can have more than one Pages document open at a time. See also Set up facing pages.

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However, as we're only focused on PDF readers in this piece Apple Books is still a wworthy and necessary inclusion. Even still, there are other apps available in the App Store that can provide expanded functions for manipulating PDF files, if required. Adobe not only invented the trusty PDF document in the first place, but the company has also created some top-notch apps to manage them. The software allows you to create, edit and convert PDF files with ease.

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Whether you happen to be using a desktop PC, laptop or tablet, Acrobat lets you turn any paper document into a PDF file. Acrobat also lets you convert PDFs into any Microsoft Office file format, preserving all fonts and formatting. Thanks to integration with Excel, you can even edit data in scanned tables, making it easier to edit and analyze financial data. Acrobat is capable of detecting the differences between two versions of the same PDF, too.

PDF Expert is a robust and easy-to-use solution for managing business documents. And with a four-and-a-half star rating in the Mac App Store, it seems to be one of the most popular options out there for Mac users.

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The software gives you the ability to read, edit and annotate PDF documents from a central dashboard. This app lets you edit images, text and links, plus the software can automatically detect fonts, size and opacity of writing. Plus, if you happen to own an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, you can add annotations and notes to documents on-the-go. It gives you the tools to add text, images, links, backgrounds, watermarks, headers and footers to PDF documents.

The software provides an extensive selection of PDF editing options. Not only can you add text to documents, but you can also tweak the font type, size and style. PDFelement is a great option for teams in particular, with powerful collaborative capabilities, letting you add sticky notes, comments, text boxes and more. And you can use the tool to fill out business documents such as contracts and tax forms. TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Back to School Best PDF reader for Mac 1. PDF Reader Premium 2.